Gas Connection

Standard gas connection to dryer or range: $75.00 NOTE: this does not include installing the appliance

Standard gas connection to dryer, including hooking up dryer vent: $105.00
New gas line: $450.00+.  Actual cost depends on accessibility and length of run.
​Call us to discuss prices for new installations (no previous gas line)


The above prices are for a standard gas connection performed in one trip.  Standard means an installation that does not require modification or parts.  Exchange means to disconnect an existing appliance and hook up a new one.  A standard exchange is one in which countertop, cabinet, plumbing, gas and or electrical modifications are not necessary to disconnect a gas appliance and reconnect a new one.


In our efforts to provide the best possible installation our technicians must sometime replaced old, worn parts and/or upgrade existing gas fixtures, electrical system, cut countertops and or modify cabinetry.   Common modifications and alterations include, but are not limited to, the following: cut out old appliances; cut Formica, tile or granite countertops; replace damaged sub floors (e.g.: floors decomposed by previous water leaks); convert natural gas settings to LP; re-route gas pipelines; run grounding wires; add gas valves and more.   Whereas modifications are generally optional, some must be performed to prevent personal or property damage and some are even mandated by local codes: "any additions, alterations, renovations or repairs to existing appliances shall meet the provisions for, and conform to the level of quality designed for, new construction". Although we are glad to perform any additional service to bring the appliance installation up to code, we cannot do so at standard exchange prices.  Parts, as well as gas electrical, plumbing, cabinet and countertop modification are not included in a standard exchange.  Modifications, alterations, upgrades and parts will be provided for an additional cost.